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Boistfort Valley Farm: Certified Organic Produce grown locally & delivered fresh! Boistfort Valley Farm: Certified Organic Produce Grown Locally & Delivered Fresh!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA Share?

Each week from mid-June through October, Summer/Fall CSA members receive a box full of fresh organic produce and herbs, a bouquet of cut flowers, along with seasonal recipes, cooking tips and serving suggestions.

Our Holiday Shares are delivered monthly in November & December. They are large boxes of our organic produce, designed for holiday meals and family gatherings. They may also be purchased as storage shares, as most of our Fall & Winter vegetables store quite nicely.

Our Winter Shares continue with twice monthly deliveries in January through May. These CSA boxes contain produce from our farm and other organic farms (mostly local and regional). They also contain selections from local dairies, locally roasted coffee from a fair trade organic source, local free range eggs, and Washington grown organic grains.

I can't remember where/when to pick up my produce. How do I find out?

Log into your account here.

Once you log in, you will be directed to the Member Dashboard (if not, click on My Account at the top right of the red section of the screen.

Next to My Subscriptions, select the option See what's in my box / View calendar. Click on the location that you have chosen for pick up to see times and details. The calendar on the right will reflect dates of delivery for your produce.

Where/When are your drop site locations?

We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, depending on the location.

Drop site locations

To respect our drop site hosts' privacy, we do not give out exact locations unless you are a member. We have included cross-streets below.

Seattle area drop sites

  • Amazon Campus in Seattle: employees only
  • Ballard: 75th & 8th
  • Burien: 8th & 151st, at Eat Local (
  • Capitol Hill North: 10th & Aloha
  • Capitol Hill South: Olive Way & Boylston
  • Fremont: 35th & Phinney
  • Green Lake: 74th & Fremont Ave N
  • Kent: 116th Ave SE & SE 221st Street
  • Kirkland: 75th & 130th
  • Hilltop Children's Center: staff & families only
  • Mercer Island North: just off I-90 at 68th Ave SE & Mercer Way
  • Mercer Island South: Island Crest Way, near Island Elementary
  • Queen Anne: Eat Local, Queen Anne Ave N & McGraw
  • Shoreline: Meridian Ave N & N 185th
  • Wedgwood: 40th Ave NE & NE 82nd St
  • West Seattle: California Ave SW & SW Findlay St

South End drop sites

  • Tacoma: North 12th St & North Fife St
  • DuPont: McDonald Ave
  • Olympia Central: 7th & Central
  • Olympia Capitol Neighborhood: 19th & Capitol Way
  • Farm Fresh Market
  • Olympia South: Near Olympia High School
  • Olympia State Offices (employees only):
    Department of Ecology: Lacey
    Natural Resources Building
  • Centralia: Santa Lucia Coffee, South Tower at Locust Street
  • Chehalis: North Market Blvd
  • The Farm: Boistfort Road, Curtis
  • Kelso/Longview

If you are interested in hosting a new drop site, please contact us!

When do I need to sign up?

You may reserve your membership for our next season during or after the current season. We encourage signing up as soon as possible, so that we can plan accurately for the coming season. Early payments allow us the capital to purchase seeds, soil, and equipment, and make farm improvements during the Winter season.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, go to our store front and choose your share. You may pay directly and securely with a credit card through our website, or mail a check directly to the farm. Please note that we must receive your payment before we can begin deliveries!

As always, you may simply fill out our membership form (on our brochure) and mail it, along with your payment, to:

Boistfort Valley Farm
PO Box 130
Curtis, WA 98538

I paid by check. How do I access my account information?

You will need a login invitation sent directly to you by email to link into your account. If you have not been emailed a login invitation, please contact us and we will send one to you. Click directly through from that email to claim your subscription. If you simply go to our website and create an account, it does not link through to your subscription automatically.

Can I change my drop site after deliveries begin?

You may change sites at any time during the season, please just make sure to make the change at least 72 hours prior to delivery. We request that you make this change yourself through your account. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Should we return our produce boxes?

Please return them if they are in good condition. If they have been chewed on by your pet, or have made contact with unsavory things, please recycle them.

What if I go on vacation?

If you will be absent for four or more deliveries in a row, please let us know in advance (ideally before the season begins) and we will suspend your deliveries. You will not be responsible for payment if you arrange for a four week or longer absence prior to the beginning of the delivery season.

For shorter absences, we encourage our members to share their deliveries with a friend or neighbor. It's a great way to introduce them to eating quality seasonal produce, and it's one of our best forms of advertising. If you are unable to find a friend or neighbor to pick up for you, you may place your deliveries on hold for up to two weeks of the Summer season. Holds are not currently available for the Winter shares.

What are 'holds' and when can I place them?

We ask that members first consider asking a friend or neighbor to pick up for them. Because we have made an investment to grow food for all our members all season long, it's wonderful not to have to waste that produce. Having said that, if there is absolutely no one to pick up your delivery, you can put your delivery on hold, and your account will not be charged for that delivery. You would then have a delivery credit on your account to be used toward our next season. If you elect to have your delivery sent, our drop site hosts have generously offered to coordinate donation of any leftover produce. We allow only two delivery credits per season, and you must place your box on hold at least 72 hours before delivery. We request that you make this change yourself through your account. If you need assistance, please contact us.

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